Soul Food

Today, the term “Soul Food” simply means African-American cuisine.  Many common American foods are indigenous of Africa. Grains, legumes, yams, sorghum, watermelon, pumpkin, okra and leafy greens could be found as early as 4,000 BC on the African Continent. Many culinary historians believe that in the beginning of the 14th century, around the time of early African exploration, European explorers brought their own food supplies and introduced them into the African diet. Foods such as turnips from Morocco and cabbage from Spain would play an important part of African-American cuisine.

Today when most people think of “Soul Food,” it is a table heavy with trays with watermelon, ribs, candied sweet potatoes, yams, greens, fried fish, neck bones, red beans and rice, pig’s feet, smothered chicken, fried pork chops, gumbo, crawfish, blacked eyed peas, tripe, corn bread, ham hocks, lima beans, tripe and chitterlings.

The Aroma of “Soul Food” will fill the Plaza and letting  our visitors know that a big variety of delicious dishes are  cooking. If you walk by and the aroma does not greet you at the gates, just keep walking.

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